The Wedding Planning Stress Syndrome

Posted on November 14th, 2015 by admin in Wedding Resources

Women and men alike go through this. It’s called the wedding planning stress syndrome. Women go through it more than men because let’s face it ladies, we are the ones who stress out the most. It’s in our genetic pool. When we are under pressure, we melt. So, what does this syndrome look like? It’s not pretty.

Now, brides who undergo this and want everything to be perfect actually have a name to go with this. They are often referred to as Bridezillas. This is where you start wanting everything so perfect that you snap at everyone around you. Women get the it’s my wedding attitude. You start telling that to everyone who doesn’t giveyou what you want.

With this syndrome, you start losing sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you are constantly thinking about the things that need to be done and all the horrible scenarios that could happen. Never thinking about the good scenarios. With this, you might be fatigued. You might get headaches and muscle aches due to the fact that you are always tense.

You might find that your temper is off too. Even those who find that normally they are low level when it comes to stress and that they can deal with most things, by the time of a wedding, even they crack. You might be quicker to raise your voice. Tears are usually there for women.

The last thing you might find with this syndrome is that you might get cold feet. You think that you can’t do this. If cold feet doesn’t happen, many couples think about either not going through with it or going a cheaper and less stressful way. This would be to elope. So, now you have a glimpse into this ugly thing and can anticipate it soon after he drops to one knee and asks if you will marry him.

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