Top Tips for a Successful Wedding

Posted on November 22nd, 2015 by admin in Wedding Tips

It starts with an answered question; then, a rush of emotion. Then the next few months of your life, you’ll find yourself in the front seat of a roller coaster ride you’ll never forget. You’ll call it your wedding day, but you want everyone to call it the best wedding they’ve ever seen. Sound like a lot to live up to? It is.

So how does a girl go about creating a gorgeous wedding, on a budget, with 200 guests, fresh flowers, a tent, and one very large ice sculpture? Well, I’m here to help you with that. The first thing you should do is have a seat, a sip of water, and a deep breath. Stop watching those silly wedding shows with the crazy brides, that’s not going to be you, don’t worry.

How do you succeed at planning your own wedding – you take it step by step, keeping in mind that this day is about you and your groom-to-be. So that means you have the right to say good-bye to any drama that comes your way… at anytime. Always associate your wedding planning with a place you love: a little coffee shop, a bookstore, or a restaurant. This will ensure that you are relaxed when you start gabbing about what happened at the florist that afternoon. Rule one: remain calm… always.

While you’re having lunch, or coffee, or sitting in one of those giant bookstore armchairs, make sure to hear everyone’s opinion, but let them know that you have ultimate control over doling out a “yes” or “no.”

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